Telegram ID   @SkeddyBot

Category         Utility

Status              Active

Last verified   19-Oct-19

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What can this bot do?

Create and manage your reminders, which then are sent to you via Telegram.

You can create simple reminders using natural language, just sending messages such as: 'Call Geir in 20 minutes', 'check your message tomorrow at 10am' etc.


/start: To start the bot.
/add: Add new reminder.
/list: For time format.
/setting: To change language and time.

How to use bot?

Just follow below simple steps.

Click on START to start the bot and send your city name to set time zone.

SkeddyBot step 1
SkeddyBot step 2

Send /add and give text and time to remind.

SkeddyBot step 3

That's it, bot will remind you at specified time.

SkeddyBot step 4

Send /list to see all reminders and /format to see the format for time.

SkeddyBot step 5