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Last verified   19-Oct-19

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What can this bot do?

This bot is ultimate source for crypto related information. It can deliver:
- Price and volume chart.
- Candlestick pattern.
- All time high prices.
- Best / worst movers.
- Price changes over time.
- Details about ico.
- Volume and marketcap.
- Current news.
- Coin description.
and a whole lot more


/start: To start the bot.
/c - Chart with price and volume
/cs - Candlestick chart for coin.
/51 - PoW 51% attack cost.
/ath - All time high price for coin.
/best - Best movers for hour or day.
/ch - Price change over time.
/ico - ICO info for coin.
/p - Coin price.
/roi - Return on Investment for a coin.
/s - Price, market cap and volume.
/v - Value of coin quantity.
/worst - Worst movers for hour or day.
/comp - Compare coins.
/de - Show decentralization info.
/des - Coin description.
/dev - Development information.
/ex - Exchange details and toplist.
/g - Global crypto data.
/i - General coin information.
/m - Find exchanges to trade a coin.
/mc - Market capitalization.
/pe - Info about person from a team.
/se - Search for symbol by coin name.
/t - Info about team behind a coin.
/top - List top 30 coins.
/tr - Google Trends - Interest Over Time.
/vol - Volume of a coin.
/wp - Find whitepaper for a coin.
News & Events
/ev - Show crypto events.
/n - News about a coin.
/soc - Social media details.
/tw - Get newest tweets for coin.
/man - Show how to use a command.
/re - Repeat any command periodically.

How to use bot?

Just follow below simple steps.

Click on START to start the bot.
opencryptobot step 1
This bot can do lot of things, refer our command section and send required message, example for chart send /C + coin id, for price send /p + coin id.
opencryptobot step 2
opencryptobot step 3
opencryptobot step 4
Type '/' to see all available commands.
opencryptobot step 5
If you don't know how to use command, send '/man' followed by command to get help.
opencryptobot step 6