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Category         News

Status              Active

Last verified   7-Jul-19

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What can this bot do?

Get trending topics around the World.

- Google Searches
- Google Trends
- Twitter Trends
- YouTube trending videos
- Vimeo trending videos


/start: To start the bot.

/inline: Switch to inline.

/trend: For trending news.

/search: Explore trending search topic.

/twitter: Trending topics on twitter.

/youtube: Trending topics on youtube.

/vimo: Trending topic on vimo.

/favorite: Choose your favorite country.

How to use bot?

Just follow below simple steps.

Click on START to start the bot.

NowTrendingBot step 1

First set your favorite country so that you don't have to search and select every time.

NowTrendingBot step 2

Send /search for trending google searches.

NowTrendingBot step 3

Send /twitter for trending twitter search.

NowTrendingBot step 3

Send /youtube for trending youtube search.

NowTrendingBot step 3

You can also use this bot inline, simply open any of your chats and type @NowTrendingBot and give country name (without hitting 'send'), bot will open a panel with trending topic.

NowTrendingBot step 6