Telegram ID   @HideItBot

Category         Utility

Status              Active

Last verified   7-Jul-19

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What can this bot do?

Send hidden message to anyone. The message sent will have its text hidden in plain sight and will only display its contents when people press the read button.
Use it to send spoiler message or important messages.


/start: To start the bot.

@hideItBot: This is inline command to send hidden message on any chat.

How to use bot?

Just follow below simple steps.

Click on START to start the bot.

HideItBot step 1

Simply open any of your chats and type @HideItBot and type your message (without hitting 'send'), select the font from the panel.

HideItBot step 2
HideItBot step 3

That's it. When user clicks on message, content hidden will be displayed.

HideItBot step 4