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  • Last verified  May 31, 2022

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What can this bot do?

Send me photos and I will turn them into stickers for you.
To add a sticker to a pack with @Stickers, your file must be saved in png format, have at least one dimension of 512px, and be less than 512Kb.
You can send any photo or sticker to this bot, and It will format it to meet all three requirements and send it back to you as a file ready to be added to your pack!


/start: To start the bot.
/help - Bot help command.
/lang - Change bot language.
/stats - Get bot usage and user stats.
/langstats - Get language usage stats.

How to use bot?

Just follow below simple steps.

Click on START to start the bot.
EzStickerBot step 1
Send any photo to bot, it will convert it to meet all requirement required for @sticker bot.
EzStickerBot step 2
Click on forward button and send it to @sticker bot to add image to sticker pack.
EzStickerBot step 3

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